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Our greatest wish is that the celebration of the fifteenth birthday in the life of a young girl, is the best day, that’s why our extensive catalog of dresses is available for you. The Quinceañera celebration is a special and meaningful moment, we are here to make it even more enjoyable!

Decoraciones Valdés has everything related to the details of your Quinceañera in the region and its surroundings. Our way starts from the first contact, we are professionals and we advise you to choose the best dress that fits you and acquire the style, image and final look dreamed with that beautiful attire for your special day.

In our site you can discover the wide variety of quinceanera dresses, our personalized service will help you plan and carry out a unique and exciting Quinceañera, we are here to make your dreams come true with that beautiful dress you have always wanted!


we are professionals and we advise you to choose the best dress



To turn every Quinceañera's celebration into an unprecedented event. We are committed to providing support and guidance throughout the entire dress selection process so that each quinceañera can enjoy her special day to the fullest.



Our greatest aspiration is to be the favorite decorators in Asheville and surrounding areas when it comes to quinceañera celebrations. We strive to inspire quinceañeras to dream big and celebrate their transition into adulthood.



Quinceañeras deserve a dress that is a true masterpiece designed with care, especially for her. We offer you the opportunity to get a unique gown that perfectly suits your style, personality and size.

Our experts will help you find the perfect dress that will enhance your beauty and reflect the most beautiful part of your day.

We create the elegant dressing experience

Todas las colecciones de vestidos de quince años están diseñadas para hacer que cada joven se sienta como una princesa. Puedes optar por diseños clásicos hasta las tendencias más modernas,

You just enjoy your day!

With our wide range of quinceanera dresses, personalized decorations and enchanting accessories, we offer you the opportunity to transform yourself into a truly authentic quinceañera.


We schedule appointments

Every detail of the dress you choose will become a treasure of memories, a garment that will evoke emotions and special moments every time you look at it.


Details make the difference

We will accompany you along the way to choose the accessories that will enhance your event and make you feel like the best queen of the party. Small details can have a big impact on your style with Decoraciones Valdés.


Dazzling elegance

From the first moment you contact us, our willingness to assist you is the first thing you notice until the moment you choose your dress, we accompany and advise you in every detail you request.

3 Steps to make an appointment

By following these three steps, you will be well on your way to schedule a successful appointment with Decoraciones Valdes and begin the process of dress making and event planning for your Quinceañera.

  • Contact Decoraciones Valdes
  • 01
  • Start by contacting us to request an appointment. You can do this through different means, such as phone or email. Be sure to provide your contact information so they can respond to your request.

  • Specify your needs
  • 02
  • Describe in detail your needs and expectations for the Quinceañera dress and event. This includes the type of dress you want, your preferences for colors, styles, sizes, as well as the date and location of the event.

  • Schedule the appointment
  • 03
  • Once you have spoken with Valdes Decorations and discussed your needs, schedule the appointment at a mutually convenient date and time. Be sure to confirm the location of the appointment, either at their store or another agreed upon location.