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Asheville, NC

we are professionals and we advise you to choose the best dress.


To turn every Quinceañera's celebration into an unprecedented event. We are committed to providing support and guidance throughout the entire dress selection process so that each quinceañera can enjoy her special day to the fullest.


Our greatest aspiration is to be the favorite decorators in Asheville and surrounding areas when it comes to quinceañera celebrations. We strive to inspire quinceañeras to dream big and celebrate their transition into adulthood.

Custom Dresses

Quinceañeras deserve a dress that is a true masterpiece designed with care, especially for her. We offer you the opportunity to get a unique gown that perfectly suits your style, personality and size.

Decoraciones Valdes

Valdes Decorations translates into creativity and detailed attention to every aspect.

Through a decade of solid experience in Asheville, North Carolina, we have established our name as specialists in quinceanera decorations. From dazzling gowns to exquisite accessories, our team strives to meet the requirements of each quinceañera and her event.

Our greatest wish is that the celebration of the fifteenth birthday in the life of a young girl, is the best day, that’s why our extensive catalog of dresses is available for you. The Quinceañera celebration is a special and meaningful moment, we are here to make it even more enjoyable!

Steps to schedule an appointment

To schedule with Decoraciones Valdés and create the dress of your dreams, you can follow these three steps

01 Steps

Initial Contact

Contact Decoraciones Valdés through their website, phone number or email. Be sure to provide detailed information about your dress idea, including the type of event you need it for.

02 Steps

Consultation Meeting

During this meeting, you will be able to discuss your ideas in depth. It is important that you bring inspirational images, fabrics you like or any other elements that can help convey your vision.

03 Step

Budgeting and Scheduling

After the consultation meeting, you will receive a budget for the design and tailoring of the gown, as well as an estimated timeline for the creation of the gown. Be sure to review and discuss the estimate thoroughly, and when you are satisfied, you will be able to confirm the start date of the process.

10 years of experience

Why should you choose us?

We create the experience of dressing you elegant, beautiful and we make you feel unique. From the first moment you contact us our willingness to assist you is the first thing you notice until the moment you choose your dress, we accompany and advise you in every detail you request. That is, we are part of the organization of your event, generating that connection with the client through the search and choice of the perfect dress for 15 years.


"I can't express how much I love my dress from Valdes Decorations! They made me feel like a princess on my special day. The design was exactly what I dreamed of, and the attention to detail in every stitch was breathtaking. Thank you for making my wedding day unforgettable."

Ana L.

"I wanted a unique and personalized dress for my graduation, and Valdes Decorations exceeded all my expectations. The dress they designed for me was perfect, reflecting my personality and style, and I received compliments from everyone at the graduation! I will definitely recommend their services to all my friends."

Maria R.

"My wedding dress from Valdes Decorations was a dream come true. Working with their talented team was a pleasure. From the first consultation to the last fitting, they made sure every detail was flawless. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful dress for my wedding day!".

Laura M.

"Decoraciones Valdes created a spectacular dress for my quinceañera. The design was elegant yet youthful, and the high quality materials made me feel like a princess. The dress was the envy of all my friends. Thank you for making my party an unforgettable event".

Patricia S.